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Volunteers Relationship Management (VRM)

Our VRM© – Volunteers Relationship Management, powered by Dynamics CRM Online combines everyday Microsoft Office applications with powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software accessed over the Internet to rapidly improve relationships with NGO organizations and volunteers. Created by VOLUM Federation and ASG, this “NGO accelerator” turns a powerful sales and marketing tool into a robust CRM tailored to nonprofit needs.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online equips nonprofit professionals with access to volunteers and NGOs information through a full suite of marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities with a familiar Microsoft Office Outlook experience to help ensure rapid user adoption and fast results.

2.1 logo VOLUM_engleza_varianta preferata_rgbASG product team have developed the “Volunteers Relationship Management (VRM)” as a starting point for non-profit organizations. The accelerator has modified the corporate version of CRM to include objects such as “Timesheets”, “Projects”, “Volunteers Contracts” and “Certificates”. The Solution can be modified to suit most nonprofit business needs through customization.

The NGO accelerator has already been tested by VOLUM Federation, with more than 180 CRM users!

By consolidating an organization’s essential information in one place, Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves constituent insight and management, facilitates collaboration, streamlines business processes, reduces IT costs, and helps improve security in the following ways:

  • Accessing information and improving projects insight and management. No matter where people work in an organization, it’s now possible for them to have a 360-degree view of the projects and volunteers working on them.
  • Helping people collaborate. People across an organization can increase individual productivity by using technology that’s familiar and by sharing information and re-purposing existing campaign, marketing and customer service materials.
  • Time sheets management. Keep track of the volunteered time and report it to the Donors.findoutmore
  • Reducing IT costs and helping improve security. Simplifying the management of the CRM solution helps improve accessibility and reliability while decreasing costs.