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What is ASG Recurrent Opportunity?AddonPricing

Imagine you have customers purchasing your services on a monthly subscription model. Do you consider future subscriptions as already won opportunities or as almost won ones? How would you include this in your CRM: as a one time deal for the next 12 months or as a monthly deal for the next 3 years? How much time would it take you to enter 12 opportunities for the same customer? But what if you had 10 customers with 12 monthly opportunities?

With ASG Recurrent Opportunity you can create repeated opportunities based on a recurrence pattern of your choice, just like a Microsoft Outlook recurrent meeting.


Your company and your sales team will gain important insights and save valuable time by using this Dynamics CRM Add-on. Here are the main benefits:ASGRecurrentOpp

  • have a more accurate pipeline
  • save time with the repeated monthly opportunities
  • create your personalized recurrence pattern: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly. You name it!
  • better forecasted run-rate
  • create workflows to invoice each opportunity, after it has been won and not before

Business scenarios:DownloadUserGuide

  • subscription paid services: phone companies, paid TV, internet providers, software license providers
  • quarterly newspaper subscriptions
  • yearly support contractsDownloadUserGuide
  • library subscription

How to get started?

Setting up your solution is as easy as:

Download the .zip file from the respective ASG page and save it on your desktop, or in your downloads folder. Then navigate to your  Dynamics CRM and go to Settings > Customizations > Solutions and click on Import. Find the .zip file, and follow the import process, which will take 2-4 minutes to import. After the import has finished, close the import screen.

2. Register
After the import has finished, you will see the add-on listed in your list of solutions. Double click on the name of the add-on to open the registration screen. Fill in your information in that screen and click on Subscribe to register for your free 30 day trial! Note: If you are registering an add-on that asks you for a username and password, please make sure you are registering from your externally-facing URL.

3. Use
If you need help with installing and using the add-on, please download this guide. Or, you can contact us at support@aleman.ro

4. Purchase
Your investment is only 1 €/CRM User/month. All enabled CRM users are counted. This includes read only users, admin only users, office 365 global admins, and service accounts. If you choose to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months discounts will apply. Install the solution for further details.

Add-on’s Screenshots

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