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Are you looking for Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts? How about outsourcing to Romania?

The global economic turmoil has allowed Romania to surface as a promising destination for outsourcing – including IT services and support, contact centers and back-office support.

In financial attractiveness, people skills and the business environment, a 2009 AT Kearney Global Services Location Index shows that Romania has climbed from the 39th to 19th place last year as an outsourcing location.

Meanwhile Europe’s leaders, including Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, have fallen as increasing costs for companies erode their competitiveness. Rough estimates of the outsourcing industry players show that about 60,000 people are employed in this sector in Bucharest and a further 70,000 outside of the capital.

Here are the TOP 6 reasons for outsourcing to Romania:

1) Highly Skilled Consultants

Dynamics CRM skills are hard to find. Being so, it has become very costly for the Western Europe and the USA to employ good functional and technical consultants or xRM developers. With a little investment, you could easily convert a .NET developer to a CRM consultant for a third of the costs. Romania is creating more than 4000 IT graduates yearly.

2) Exceptional Geographic location

Situated at the borderline of three great commodity markets, Romania is an ideal choice for an European company to develop an IT platform to support its needs.

3) Political and Economic Environment

Romania is a stable country with an attractive business climate. Romania has made considerable legislative and economic progress. With the introduction of the 16% unique taxation rate on profit, 70% of economic activity now in private hands, advanced price liberalization, an open foreign trade regime, and significant and ongoing advances in the opening of key markets such as energy and infrastructure, the sector is poised for IT investors and partnerships.

4) Cultural Compatibility

Romania’s richness in language skills represents the country’s significant ethnic diversity. More than 70% of the population speaks English while there is a good level of French & German due to cultural and historical reasons. An estimated 12% of the population represents more than 20 ethnic minorities.

5) Government support & IT Infrastructure

The Romanian government supports the IT industry and takes advantage of EU programs to develop the country’s infrastructure, enhance its IT R&D capabilities and recognized competencies, and establish the required standards. Outsourcing service providers may benefit from government support and program funds from EU. Romania possess one of the best IT infrastructure and network connection in the world, allowing the remote work and communication an attractive solution.

6) Affordable Costs

Although Romanian wages are rising, they remain lower than those in Western European countries, so emigration incentives will remain high for Romanians. Romania is one of the least-expensive countries in the EU, although living expenses in Bucharest are significantly higher than in smaller cities or rural areas.

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